Knowledge Management Helps Directing People to People

I’ve visited a very interesting session about knowledge management at the 3rd barcamp in Berlin held by Stefan Ehrlich from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. He stated that their approach is NOT directing knowledge from people to documents because that is quite challenging and expensive. Their approach is people to people.

Another guy added to the discussion (and nailed it) that actually they helped the employees to find the knowledge hubs within the company. Thus, some of these hubs will soon be asked by everyone else about their knowledge. They will not be able to bill these hours (usually) – meaning that the management of a company which uses the people to people approach needs to create other incentives than billable hours. 

Furthermore, the discussion lead to the question whether you can note somewhere if the knowledge hub likes being a point of contact and is happy that he does not need to work on “real” projects anymore or not. What would the works council say? The presenter stated that they have a corporate IM system with statuses such as “don’t contact me”… imho very short-sited and not the answer to the question. But again, an approach.

Interesting facts

They have a Wiki platform with blogging features since 3 months.

  • they do not have a rule-set. The merely observe what is being used and how
  • one of their employees produces 50% of the content
  • most viewed page is the company’s strategy ;) <– very interesting
  • in the second month already 7000 edits
  • one manager stated that his e-mails after a 10-day holiday was reduced by the half
  • competence centers died due to cultural reasons. Now, they are merely doing the same – but bottom-up instead of top-down

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  1. Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

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