Reputation Activities

I just read in a blogpost on the Progress Blog that the author likes to differentiate between “cost” and “income” activities. Income activities include e.g. any billable work by a consultant. The central knowledge generation, codification and management would be cost activities, I guess.

But what is talking about that you know something (remember my early blog post about communicating your wisdom)? It’s very close to sales (convincing people of your qualities) – which the author clearly contributed to income activities. On the other hand, isn’t that classical PR work? Wouldn’t PR be a cost activity? 

What the author also mentioned: “…these activities work together to create value for the end customer”. Does PR create value for the customer? It may, because the customer might receive status through working with a company that has a good reputation. But foremost it’s about impressing the customer – maybe even dazzling him. And PR is directed at more people than only customers – all stakeholders (at least a bit for each).

My solution: don’t call PR a “cost” or “income” activity. Call it a “reputation” activitiy.

Next question: is innovating a reputation activity?


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