Don’t Fake the Knowledge You Use for PR

As stated in earlier blog posts, I think publishing your knowledge is a wonderful PR technique. Now I have come across a new study that seemingly seems to prove my point: the blog ‘prmeasure’ cites a study of MarketingSherpa whereby whitepapers are one of the most effective means for lead generation (I’ll look more into that). But…

Be Sure About the Quality You’re Publishing

If you screw it up and can’t prove that it’s really knowledge but people come to believe it’s a scam (mere claims), you will rather do more harm than good – especially if it’s knowledge from your core business. To provide you with an example: A German blogger (Heike Scholz) has recently revealed that a company for market research seems to be inable to provide the numbers for a publication of theirs.

Therefore, be careful and be sure you only publish true, high quality information. Don’t try to be too hasty – even if you try to be the first one to write about a hot topic. Better to be the second company with solid numbers, seeing the first one crash.


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