Putting Things Into Perspective

Having just started at a new company, I can talk from fresh experience: Knowledge I have gathered throughout some time has helped me to ask different questions, new questions that helped my colleagues rethink and reword. At the same time, I find that knowledge I thought was very helpful and important seems uninteresting to them – and vice versa: simple concepts can provoke amazement. 

Concerning a special service offered to their customers: all performed activities were always taken for granted since they had developed it some time ago – it seemed normal and boring. From my point of view, I’m pretty sure that no other company can offer what they (or now we) do. They had a USP kept unnoticed. 

Two days later: we now have a presales presentation that has these features highlighted. Value has been created – not really because special knowledge has been added, but because different knowledge and experience has put the existing into a new perspective.

What you need, however, is time and a culture to share the thoughts. And time to document and establish the new. In our case, we were able to assign these costs to a certain presales project. Would we have extracted a new USP if that presales project hadn’t been around?


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