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When to Persuade Potential Clients

Which stages does a professional service provider need to pass successfully in order to receive a new job? With disecting this process you can identify the communication needs. 

  1. Circumventing a pitch / tender
  2. Getting on the short-list
  3. Winning a pitch / tender

Circumventing a pitch / tender

Usually a new job (at least in the business of creative agencies) is pitched (I will further use the word pitch, meaning the same as tender or call for bids). Only a handful of professional service providers is invited to take part (the short-list). However, as more often seen in the classical consulting business, a pitch may also be circumvented due to two factors:

  • the professional service provider is already working for the company and the new job has been declared as an extension of the service provider’s current occupation
  • personal connections on a high management level have avoided the official purchasing process (number of members on the short-list = 1)

In order to circumvent a pitch, it is important rather to invest in connections or a high quality output; communicating your knowledge isn’t as important here.

Getting on the short-list

This is where communicating your knowledge skills might come in handy. In case you’re not already on the short-list for regular jobs, here’s your chance at joining the club: new members are mostly inserted into the short-list when the job either concerns a new field of technology / skills or an existing member is to be expelled due to past √©clats. Either way, the company will search for other experts in the field, especially true though for the first reason. And this is your chance: communicate openly what you know so that you will be found in this line of business.

Winning a pitch

When you have already managed to be on the short-list, this is a no-brainer. If you don’t show off your knowledge / experience during a pitch, you can be sure that all your will seem more adept than you.


In order to get on a short-list without a very strong brand, you will need to make some of your knowledge available to everybody, just to be noticed. The knowledge published will need to be covering a fairly wide field (though only in the field of your core competencies).

However, if you’ve made it and you’re already involved in a pitch, you will need to show off a different kind of knowledge: you really need to focus on the specifics of the potential job. Hopefully, now you can show a little more than what you have already presented while trying to get onto the short-list.


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