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Public, Internal and Secret Strategy Papers

We just had an interesting discussion whether a strategy paper can be made public within the company. For one, it would be most purposeful to inform the employees about the direction where their company is heading and how they plan to do so. However, not everything should be published because of the threat that the competition will get their hands on this paper. Some aspects should be kept secret, right?

But how far can you go? Can you state the opposite of what you are really going to do, just to surprise the market? Wouldn’t the employees feel mocked? What if they as well have advised you otherwise? Better not to tell them anything to avoid disappointment?

Publically limited companys, for instance, can not publish anything relevant to their expected performance, not even internally, as to avoid the “spreading” of insider information. Wouldn’t a more detailed strategy description in contrast to a high level vision paper be more motivating for the employees, though?


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Market Strategies for Service Providers

Take these sub-definitions of knowledge:

  • knowledge from the experience of past projects encompases process and client-specific knowledge. This deduces a higher probability of a successful implementation.
  • knowledge of technology and/or special skills increases the probability that the professional service provider is capable of implementing what he has promised and reduces the risk of time-consuming learning on-the-job (eventual prolongations)

Now apply these fields to a professional service provider that has a low brand recognition and in my assumption also a small list of references. My visual outcome:

Market Strategies for Professional Service Providers with a Low Brand Recognition

Market Strategies for Professional Service Providers with a Low Brand Recognition

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